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06 Feb 2018

What is Important SEO OR Social Media Marketing

Many of the people have this doubt in their mind as to which path to choose. Either they prefer SEO approach or they go with the social media marketing as the tool to expand their business. These are two unique entities used for different purpose & different approach to be taken by the clients. But have you given thought to how & when to use the two options & what is better in which condition? Don’t worry, in this blog, we will help you get over this dilemma.

Shamoor is dedicated to providing you both the options for the clients as we even have the title of the leading social media marketing company in Delhi. We will help you look out both options for SEO & social media marketing. But first, go through each & every option separately as to use which one whereas this will change the course of the business development for you. Here we provide the emphasis as to in which situations, the one overpowers the other.

SEO overpowering social media marketing

It is the first thing we would like to discuss here with you. The scenarios where you will realize that the power of SEO is more as compared to that of social media marketing. Find out where the SEO is more powerful:

  1. Get better idea through search results

You must be well aware of this option as the search engines provide you a better understanding & idea as to where & how you can expand your business through SEO. The SEO consultants in India are putting all their force in making their clients realize how they can approach the audience in order to get the optimum traffic.

  1. Relying on the search results

You might be wondering how SEO consultants in India help their clients get their business reach? It is with the relying tendency of every person across the globe. Whenever you search something over a search engine, it will provide a result & you will blindly follow them. It has become a tradition of which these SEO consultants take advantage of.

  1. Buy your way into those searches

By getting your ideas SEO, you will get the opportunity of getting to be on those results. SEO consultant’s main job is only to make you one of those searches. How great will it be for your business if you are the one people are searching for across the globe?

Social media marketing overpowering SEO

Now, comes the other face of the coin as to how social media marketing companies will get you the opportunity of increasing traffic for your ideas over the social media platforms. Here you will find some points as to how social media marketing has more power:

  1. Recommending the opportunities becomes easy

The foremost thing which will help you get the attraction is how the persons connected socially promote your ideas or in simple words, share your ideas. Even this becomes a vital point as if it takes more time to share the idea, most people will ignore & get past that post. But what if it is easy a just a click? This is what will help you get more popular among the people. Social media marketing companies are only working on this strategy which will get more traffic to the clients by posting on the right platforms.

  1. Response for criticizing

The important thing which is essential is the response from the people which will help you get better over the stuff. It can only happen socially as people normally don’t indulge in criticizing the websites or search engines. So with their help, you can get how people understand your ideas? And you can work on it to make it better. This is how the social media marketing happens.

  1. Get your way into pages with targeted audience

How easy would that be to reach your target audience in very simple steps? It is the case with the social media marketing here. Social media marketing companies are providing ways for the clients to get into the social media platform pages where they could promote the ideas of the clients. Seems simple? That is how it is.

Why not get yourself in both?

How effective can that be if you get your business involved in both the SEO & social media marketing? What if you can enjoy the benefits of both the luxuries in a simple affordable way?

But there are not many opportunities where the both of your want are satisfied. But we at Shamoor provide you both the luxuries in a very affordable & efficient way which makes us the leading social media marketing agency in Delhi. Do visit our website to know more about our services & book an appointment date with us


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