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11 Jan 2017

Internet for every business!!!

Since the ancient times human beings have been looking for means to reach as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. INTERNET is a blessing to that effect. Startups and small businesses  have highly benefited in terms of public exposure and large scale information disbursement.

Though internet services have been in India for a considerable period now, but due to illiteracy and financial constraints, a good online presence has been out of the reach for many professionals and small businesses.This is the reason why India is lagging behind in the global entrepreneurial race. Online identity makes you recognizable in the market and among the corporate counterparts. This is quintessential to any business, which was missing earlier.

India with it’s large population, larger ideas, and even larger dreams, was lagging behind. What made that happen? Well, a lot reasons, but the major ones are limited benefits of higher education and hence knowledge, tight-roped financial resources, scarcity of a proficient work force that can work in technical fields which include highly skilled programmers, content writers, visualizers and graphic designers. There are a lot of Indian companies with ideas that have the potential to become industry leaders. Unfortunately, many of such great startups are forced to shut down because they are unable to reach their target audience. In today’s world consumers seek information from the internet about every product and service that they require. A deficient online identity or absence of a website can prove to be a fatal mistake for any business, especially the ones who are growing.

Shamoor, a 360° marketing and strategic branding firm, faced similar crunches in its nascent stage, which inspired them it to protect other startup companies and small businesses by providing a turn-key solution for their websites, while the companies utilize their valuable time efficiently on their core competencies. This initiative by Shamoor includes domain name registration, web-hosting, content development for website and, dynamic and responsive user interface services, all this in just rupees 6000/-. For any startup company or a small business 6000/- is a priceless investment that can steer their businesses to greatest of heights.

All this is a blessing to the World Wide Web. Internet was created as a means to bring the world together; bring people together and Shamoor is making that happen for startups and small businesses. So that startups and small businesses can benefit  and conduct market research, address wider audiences and expand the demand for their product and services. Shamoor is playing a huge positive role of mutual growth with other startups and SMEs. Platforms like Shamoor will go a long way in making Indian businesses self sufficient.


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