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18 Jul 2017

Managing Social Media Account of a Company by Themselves

An individual who owns the company cannot handle all by himself. Any organisation, in order to be successful needs a team. Teamwork is the most important part for any company be it an established company or a startup company.

Managing a social media account is not that simple as it seems. There are various social media platforms and not just one which has to be managed. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the type of marketing which aim to produce content that users share in their social media platforms to increase and broaden the reach among consume


The platform could be Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. These platforms provide a way to both, the potential customers as well as the existential customers. It allows them to be personal with the company, ask queries and give feedback or complaints (if any).

No one individual is capable of handling the responsibility of all, the social media platforms. The posts have to be made frequently and regularly, initially. The main purpose is to reach as many people through these platforms. One has to answer all the queries and problems faced by the consumers regarding the company’s product or service.

This is done to ensure that there stays no doubt in the minds of the consumers, either potential customers or existential customers. So, managing anything and everything individually is not really possible. One has to meet the expectations of the client and cater to their needs, hold subsequent meetings with them. All this cannot be managed by just one person.


Source : Mehar Kukreja





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