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What is Viral Marketing?

Content that becomes a sensation as soon as it hits the Internet, which is what going Viral means. And, perhaps nothing is as effective and efficient in spreading your message as a viral marketing campaign. The idea behind viral marketing is to inspire people to spread your message for you. It takes the right kind of content, the right timing and the right people who first discover it to get that viral spark. Viral marketing is a great way to reduce your user acquisition costs and retain customers by getting them to engage with your content and share it.

Is Going Viral a big deal?

Everyone wants more traffic, more views, more shares, more followers and the list goes on. And, not just this, but this from as many people as they can reach online. If you can get something to go viral on the internet, you can get a lot of exposure in a small amount of time without much effort, be it your business, your thoughts, and everything you wish to tell the world. Digital Content and Time become your team players and the results are astonishing.

Going Viral isn’t easy! Or is it?

Most would argue it just takes a whole lot of luck. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible! When people are moved to action, and/or highly entertained, they share twice as much, says the NY Times study. Keep them in that anger and happiness sweet spot and you’ll get some traction. Basically, it has to be an amazing piece of content at just the right time that hits in just the right way between anger and happiness.

With experienced consultants, marketers, storytellers, strategists and creatives with a flair for fresh new ideas and insight into powerful campaigns, Shamoor creates content that is fuel to conversations and campaigns that have the potential to trend on the internet.

What’s the process?

We identify the most viral topics, words, and hashtags within your landscape. Your landscape is centered around your industry, whether it be Retail, Politics, Consumer Products, Transportation, Finance, or Media to name a few. Once we identify who your target audience is, then we craft a message or a piece of content that resonates with this audience. We publish your content through different digital platforms and measure how viral it is by keeping an eye on its performance.

Grabby headline, great picture, compelling content? That’s not enough to make your content go viral. A plan with Strategy & Creativity would influence masses. Shamoor promotes your business and ensures all great ways to give your brand an opportunity to get inside the everyday routine of consumers through Viral Marketing services in India.









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