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Going Viral Is the New Definition of Publicity

We have all heard this phrase – ‘This post went viral!’ So, what does it actually mean? Viral marketing is that method of marketing that creates buzzwords, which are often memorable and highly attention-grabbing in this ever-so-connected internet world. Viral marketing involves those techniques that use certain pre-existing social-networking services along with some other technologies for producing increased brand awareness or for achieving some other marketing objectives like products sale or creating a marketing buzz through certain viral processes that are often self-replicated. Such messages can either be delivered via word-of-mouth or through enhanced network effects using Internet as well as mobile networks. Viral marketing techniques induce websites/users to pass some marketing messages to other websites/users, thus creating an exponential growth of those messages’ visibility, giving a multiplier effect to them.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing uses the power of social media, text messages, videos, and other such methods for spreading information about products or services. Viral marketing uses the power of people sharing content, as fast as possible. When anything goes viral, it is spread quickly and very extensively from person to person thus making a chain and finally reaching a wide number of people. Tools like YouTube, Facebook etc. are tapped for sharing stories, images and videos to thousands and thousands of people, which can all happen within minutes. Thus, viral marketing is a powerful way of sharing information in a very short span of time. Creating such messages that are highly engaging is a challenge that companies are facing these days. This is where we, at SHAMOOR, step in and help them out. We take pride in being the best viral marketing company in India

Viral Marketing Company in India

The need for viral marketing companies in India is increasing with each passing second. Traffic on various internet sources is on a rampant increase and they are consuming more time in comparison with most of the other mediums where a company or service can advertise its products. The business of any viral marketing company in India is always on a rise. Any viral marketing company in India can allow you to hog limelight instantly. Most of the endeavors of a viral marketing company in India try to increase the flow of the traffic on a given web page or social media platform. It is more or the less about creating a buzz related to the products for a short span of time. We, at SHAMOOR, take pride in creating a benchmark in this field. We have reincarnated the age-old brand building philosophies for an altogether new medium of the telecast. There are some basic strategies that define the traditional frameworks of marketing. A brand or a service can either go for a penetrating strategy where they gradually increase their market share based on the positive feedback. They can also go for scanning the market. In this process of scanning the market, the life cycle of any brand circles. As the best viral marketing company in India, we, at SHAMOOR, can always help you in the process of scanning the market. While presenting our viral marketing plans, we would help you with all the aspects of viral marketing.

Viral Ads Stimulate the Market in Terms of the Buying Impulse of Customers

Shamoor is the best viral marketing company in India; we plan out your campaigns in a balanced fashion. We always come up with catchy content clubbed together with serious content. In current times, a viral marketing company in India should always adopt the policy of blending sensation with the message, which is an art that we have mastered skillfully for the best interest of our clients. While working as the best viral marketing company in India, we never forget the past connotation; this connotation says that “entertainment should be blended with the perfect message.” We would create this sensation for you that would blend entertainment with that perfect message.