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18 Mar 2017
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Simple steps to success on Social media.

Ah! Social Media.

The place to be. Scrolling away on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Reading funny blogs on tumblr, tagging your friends in memes, enjoying life. Let’s focus on the fact that social media is life. No matter on what side of the line you are on, social media platforms have easily translated into one of the most engaging activities of our day to day life.

Hence it is only natural that these platforms would present themselves as the biggest means of success in our times. There is a wide audience to cater to that enjoys a variety of content, multiple platforms that allow you to create a business or showcase your skills and talents, it’s just got it all.

Success on Social Media can either be as easy as going viral, or can take a long amount of time with dedicated commitment and timely management, but all of them definitely follow these simple steps for growth and success,


  1. Omnipresence: This means that you must have a presence on not only all the major mainstream social media networks, but also on the not so popular or niche ones since every social media platform has a dedicated user base that you can and should definitely keep in mind. To get started here’s a list of places where you must have an active engaging account on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIN.
  2. Engaging Content: Creating engaging content for your target audience is one of the most intriguing and exciting tasks you can do. But what one must keep in mind is that the content must be interesting, engaging and on top of all it should be completely original.
  3. Building an Audience: To be immensely successful on social media means to have a large number of dedicated followers that constantly engage with your account. And how do you build such a large and dedicated audience you ask? Simple, by being active on social media platforms, making use of the best marketing techniques, being original, trying out new genres, and several other ways.
  4. Marketing: If marketing is an art, social media is the best canvas there is. Social Media Marketing has grown exponentially over the past few years owing to the large user base and incredibly growth opportunities available. You can take up your own marketing and showcase your talent, or you can simply go to professional Social Media Marketing companies that do the task for you while ensuring that you have the final control on how you grow on social media.
  5. Connecting: Perhaps the most crucial and the most obvious means of success on social media is creating a network by connecting with creators, followers and people with similar interests. Forming an active social media network is a great way of engaging new followers and reaching out to new people.

Just following these steps would not ensure success. For your blog or business to succeed you require constant dedication and a zest for success. And so, here’s hoping the best for you!



  1. Great write-up!

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  3. […] apt for you. If you want to know more about Social Media Marketing and how it works best for you,  read  or go here to find out more about what Shamoor has to […]


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