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Shamoor 1-Day Internship (S1Di) is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the fast paced out-of-the-box life at India’s leading 360 degree marketing company for 1 whole day. Open to one and all- students, working professionals, industry veterans, housewives, differently-abled, tourists, freelancers, academicians, drop-outs and everyone else. Age no bar, case no bar. Apply if you have what it takes to survive.

10th June to 12th August

Perks For Shamoor Life

  • Opportunity to work on live client project.
  • Monthly seminar from eminent speakers and relevant topics
  • Buddy for intern
  • Social alliance for interns
  • Skill specific certificate
  • Best Intern Award


The Challenges that will be drafted will be across

5 major domains namely-

  • Content
  • Graphics
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Web Development


Applicants will be chosen on the basis of their unique skills set that they bring to the table and their maneuverability to align with the vision and mission of shamoor



Shamoor 1-Day Internship, is not your regular day at work with a long list of tasks. S1Di challenges and the boldest of interns turn that challenge into an opportunity. And opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

Domain Challenges
Marketing Buy a Facebook Page for 200 USD.
Event management Organize a Flash Mob at Faculty of Arts, DU
Content Development Write an article on the revenue generated by porn industry and get it published on Buzzfeed.
Video Production Shoot a time-lapse video of the regular office day and Shamoor will make it Viral.

How to Apply?

Tweet your resume. “Why you’re the perfect candidate for S1Di?”

  1. Tag Shamoor Designs
  2. Hashtag S1Di
  3. Most creative answer wins


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