The Buzz:

“Just two 20-something DCE students with a shared vision and a collective skill set ample enough to begin the journey”

The Bizz:

Being a fledgling in any field never works in your favor and even though we were made aware of this fact again and again, we were obdurate in our demeanor and continued to work relentlessly towards building our company. Just two 20-something DCE students with a shared vision and a collective skill set ample enough to begin the journey. Shamoor’s mantra is to create an innovative brand philosophy by analyzing consumer insights and then developing a plan to reinforce the brand through audience engaging marketing campaigns, be it online or offline. Shamoor evolved from a handicraft startup, after the success of which it was parlayed into the brand you see today. One of the major struggles – amongst the whirlpool of problems we faced was – how to stand out of the crowd. To overcome this issue we decided to provide a 360-Degree holistic approach of marketing services, which truly covers all aspects of marketing, including internet marketing, paid advertising, viral campaigns, outdoor marketing campaigns as well as strategic alliances. With more than 1000 projects executed till date successfully, 350 accounts to last a year itself and currently engaged with over 50 Companies for their round-the-year brand campaigns, we believe we certainly have managed to make a mark in our field. Shamoor’s vision is to tap maximum marketing potential for business houses as well as individuals through their out-of- the-box designs and strategies and utilizing platforms which include heavy online component, PR events, and various other offline activities too. We firmly believe that there are numerous ways of communicating with consumers and to make it all happen business houses today need a foolproof concept design and umbrella strategy, both working in synergy. Bizz buzz is an initiation in this very direction, making it easier for businesses to be seen and most importantly – be heard!