The Buzz: “One might marvel over the fact as to how a traditional agriculture-centric company becomes dynamic and innovative; this is where businesses with traditional services lackluster as unorthodox measures elude them.”


The Bizz:

LongStays is a Delhi based business that offers a real life staying experience to put guests at ease for long hauls. Be it business or leisure or backpacking, their services are in tune with the needs and wants of travelers across India. With a collective experience of 8+ years in the hospitality industry, the team at LongStays is striving to deliver the best staying experience possible. Their main aim is to revolutionize budget stays so that people can make fruitful use of the time they have irrespective of their budget. Ofcourse, setting up a business isn’t an easy task and with more and more people wanting to escape their hackneyed lives as much as they can, it is an arduous task to manage their expectations. Planning a trip is a time-consuming and complicated process. People tend to get flummoxed rather easily, that is why LongStays simplifies this process and has included a 360 view for their clients ranging from consultation services to arranging travel packages. They made sure to not limit themselves within a certain type of segment; hence they cater to every kind of client from people looking for a relaxing vacation to a corporate wanting to book a business trip. Amongst inordinate types of issues – intense competition, low profit margins, expansion, and acquiring data to work with – are few challenges that they face today. But they are undeterred and almost all of the aforementioned problems can be eradicated with customer acquisition. Having a global presence would make it easier for acquiring customers from the brand recall that it comes with and that is why their business is heavily dependent on digital marketing. Bizz-Buzz will give businesses like LongStays a push that is needed to get the ‘buzz’ about their business going.