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The Buzz:

“Starting a new business can be a turbulent undertaking and for some even discombobulated. To that we say, be steadfast and undertake the arduous task of initiating your business plan, otherwise you’ll always wonder – What if?”



The Bizz:


“A Man is known by the way he keeps his shoes”- something we all subconsciously do but never realize. Clariant Shines is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of shoe care products under the brand name Helios, which is a Delhi based business. They are growing exponentially as they aggressively target audiences through media with regional newspapers, business magazines, hoardings, trade magazines to increase its visibility and brand value. With only over a decade since its inception they have certainly made a widespread business network with a customer centric approach and management efficiency, to elevate their status to a brand name synonymous with quality. Starting a new business can be a turbulent undertaking and for some even discombobulated. There are no guarantees of success and businesses fail every day, but the key is persistence. At the end of the day, trying is what matters and diligently working towards one’s goals is paramount. Being steadfast and undertaking the arduous task of initiating a business plan is the first step, otherwise one always wonders – What if? Helios took that step and certainly don’t regret it.
To move ahead in their achievements and vision, Helios has recently launched ground breaking products like Wooden Shoe Trees, Waterproof Sprays, Shoe Horns, Shoe creams and many more. Although they are grateful to all the breakthroughs so far, their contention is to build a network so vigorous that Helios becomes a discernable paragon in the industry. Hence, they chose the Bizz-Buzz platform, to not only inspire those who are reluctant to start their own businesses but also give Helios a voice of its own.