The Buzz: “Sadly, in India there is a stigma associated with the field of performing arts being pursued as a full time job but I wish to be one of the many opponents of this ideology.”


The Bizz:

With the motto of ‘yielding prosperity’, HPM is a Delhi based, dynamic agro-chemicals based industry that doesn’t only focus on ensuring self reliance in productivity but also has made incessant efforts to incorporate innovative practices in their daily processes. One might marvel over the fact as to how a traditional agriculture-centric company becomes dynamic and innovative; this is where businesses with traditional services lackluster as unorthodox measures elude them. Varying monsoon every year, seasonal demand, small farmland and dependence on government are major challenges in India to start a fertilizer company. HPM uses the latest technological advancements and produces the finest fertilizers and farming seeds, thereby manufacturing products whose shelf life holds longer than any other.

Being one of the many independent musicians based in New Delhi, Gagan has faced myriad of problems, the biggest one being: getting an audience. Starting out in any industry is tough, let alone one that not only requires you to be technically adept but also have inordinate amounts of marketing and shamelessly plugging oneself perpetually as innate skills. But he lives his life with the motto “I create because I must” and that is what keeps him motivated, even if his grand efforts are only met with trivial likes and shares on social media platforms. The key is to never give up and be patient. After honing in your musical craft, one should focus on learning how to become a magnetic person as marketing doesn’t just happen online, it happens everywhere. People should also consider finding themselves a mentor that will help them with public speaking and networking. Also, no job is small, whether it is singing in a music festival or in a bar for a mere 2 people; Do it! Besides this, one should always have a well crafted plan, from how you will produce music to how you will create an audience. Gagan decided to step foot into the business by creating a brand identify for himself and crafting an online presence with digital marketing.
Sadly, in India there is a stigma associated with the field of performing arts being pursued as a full time job and Gagan wishes to be one of the many opponents of this ideology. Wanting to inspire others and hoping to edify people of the inherent problems associated with non-traditional career paths, the idea of using the Bizz-Buzz platform aligns perfectly with the purpose.