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11 May 2017

3 Tips to check whether you are overspending on social media marketing.

Social media is a powerful tool. But what it also is is very confusing. For social media marketing, investing in advertisement for reaching out to your target audience is necessary. In fact, the best and most effective social media marketing revolves around the perfect blend of advertisement and organic reach.

But what happens when even after spending a substantial amount of money, you’re not getting the results that you expect? Are you overspending on social media marketing?

Here’s a few handy tips that can help you answer the question:

Is the content reaching out to the right audience?
It can happen in certain cases that even after putting a bit of money behind your social media posts, the reach is just not what you expect. This can happen when the target audience behind your advertised posts is not set according to the interest that your post caters too. In such a case, even after spending all the money on advertisement and boosting your posts, it will not reach out to the audience it deserves.


Is the engagement with your content what you want?

Now, your posts might be reaching out to the target audience, your analytic show that it’s reaching out according to the budget you’ve invested, but you’re just not getting the relevant number of likes, comments and shares. This might be the case when the budget is not directed towards engagement but towards maximizing reach. In this case, your budget would focus around reaching out to more people, and you will end up spending more for less engagement.


Are you generating enough leads?

For a business or analytics page, spending your money on advertisements is a great way of generating leads. But even after spending a bucketload of money on advertisements, you’re unable to generate a substantial amount of reach, maybe you’re investing your money in the wrong place.

So, now that we have established that you are a tad bit overspending on your social media marketing, what you essentially need to do is get a better social media management. Shamoor can help you out here with our top of the line and really affordable social media marketing plans. Be sure to check them out, and reach out to us for any query.