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“Ideas pull the trigger, but instincts load the gun.”

We write stories; we read stories; we live around stories and inspire to become a story. This is your opportunity to share that story with the rest of the world. Bizz-Buzz is the wind beneath the wings of Delhi based businesses. It is a showcase of generations of experience as well as novel business ideas.

The year 2017, marks the launch of Shamoor’s Bizz-Buzz initiative, wherein businesses from Delhi-NCR will be featured on a special online platform tailor-made to reach millions. So come forward with your story. You can be a world famous Chaat shop based out of Chandni Chowk or a new-age Hogwarts themed cafe from South-ex. This is a one-of-a-kind stage which pours young blood into old veins. Such an amalgamation of wisdom, strategy, innovation, and emotions when improvised evolves into a revolutionary idea.

HPM India

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Bussiness Coaching India

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Jain Narrow Fabrics

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Knowledentia Consultants



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Creez Athletica

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SLM Hospital


Neolithic Studios

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Gagan Kumar Music

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X blues Jeans

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Happy Flashbacks

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Alpha Milk Foods

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