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Month: April 2017

26 Apr 2017

Do individuals artists need social media marketing?

Social Media is not just a thing for the millennials. It is quite truly a shift and revolution in the way we communicate and connect. Businesses are moving online and several have transformed into overnight inspirational stories of success. And not only for communicating, social media has transformed the way we view all of our […]

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24 Apr 2017

How to make a post viral in 3 easy steps?

Ever wonder how these random viral posts actually become viral? Think Rebecca Black’s Friday song. Under no condition did that song deserve to become so viral. But before you start with your hypothesis, we must understand that there is a very critical and simple play here that you can use to get your post viral. […]

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18 Apr 2017

Marketing firms can take your business places

Let’s assume you are a business. A business needs two very crucial factors to facilitate growth. One being the ability to reach out to the largest potential audience, and the second is making customers out of this potential audience. Well, you need quality products and services as well, but if you are planning to make […]

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16 Apr 2017

How artists are selling their art online?

The internet is nothing short of a magnificent boon for the world. Not only does it help us connect better with everyone on the planet, it has become the one true source for all sorts of information, right at the tap of a few buttons. And so it was only a matter of time before […]

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14 Apr 2017

Advertising online is simple, affordable and approachable.

Advertising is not just a skill, it’s a part of life. Believe it or not, every aspect of our life is affected by advertising. From the water that you drink, to the car that you drive, everything is a part of the advertisements process. In our world, advertising is what drives desires. Advertising is what […]

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12 Apr 2017

How to spot a genuine digital marketing agency?

In a world where almost everyone is on every social media, it becomes difficult to even be sure what’s trending and relevant. And if you are a business that is looking to grow via platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. it’s going to be a tough job even deciding where to start. And maybe […]

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10 Apr 2017

2017 will see physical markets disappear

We know it’s hard to believe, but it’s 2017 already. And whether you like it or not, the future is now. We live in a world where in our pockets lies a computer more powerful than the one that landed the man on the moon. And with a growing presence of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, […]

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